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Have You Eaten Yet? Well Try This…

Capitoline Grounds 1499 Fulton Street

Benoit Rouan is the owner of Capitoline Grounds Café. Benoit has lived in Brooklyn for 8 years since coming from France, and has been a resident of Bed-Stuy for 5 years. Benoit Rouan says Bed-Stuy chose him when he decided to find a the cafe’s location.

He believes that his establishment is very special, “The food offerings are Unique. All the food that is carried is farm fresh and freshly made.  My restaurant has a relationship with three farms, one in Pennsylvania (for eggs and veggies), Upstate (dairy and dairy products) and right here in Brooklyn (for sweets and syrup).”  Benoit likes to sell a variety of foods that he likes all under the same roof from morning to night.

He also had a personal history with Bed-Stuy.

Owner, Benoit Capitoline Grounds

Owner, Benoit Capitoline Grounds

Q:What is the most popular food and drink item with customers?

A: Most popular drink is Fresh Fruit smoothies and the most popular food item would be the fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich. However old fashion crepes with Nutella is Benoit Rouan’s favorite dish.

Local Specialty Foods

Local Foods

Q: Are you familiar with the services provided by the BID?

A: Yes, I am aware of services like marketing and street cleaning.  I would love to know more about the programs and services offered by the BID.

Specialty Cheeses

Specialty Cheeses


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