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“Congratulations To Cornerstone Award Recipient Mark Schonberger!”

Lawyers Alliance’s 2016 Cornerstone Award for pro bono excellence will be honoring individuals for their tremendous work. We would like to congratulate Mark Schonberger, advisor to our Board of Directors who will be receiving an award for the work that he’s done on the BID’s behalf.  The Cornerstone Awards will be held at Viacom located at 1515 Broadway from 6:00-8:00pm on Thursday, November 17. Lawyers Alliance and their nonprofit clients have benefitted tremendously from your high quality work, and they are thrilled to be able to congratulate Mr.Schonberger at the award event.The pro bono and marketing team (Stacey, Tori, Emily) will follow up separately on logistics details, and  post updates will be posted on their websiteby clicking the link below.


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