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The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) makes it easier for businesses in New York City to form, do business, and grow by providing direct assistance to business owners, fostering neighborhood development in commercial districts, and linking employers to a skilled and qualified workforce.

A business improvement district (BID) is a public-private partnership formed to accelerate the business climate and overall quality of life for residents, visitors and merchants within a defined boundary.

Property owners and businesses pay an additional tax or fee to NYC in order to fund improvements within the commercial district.  This funding is given to the BID to provide supplemental services, including: street cleaning, security, capital improvements and marketing of the area.  These services  are provided by the BID in addition to those already provided by the municipality.

The Bed-Stuy Gateway Business Improvement District is New York City’s 64th Business Improvement District.  There are 67 BIDs in New York City as of June 2013.

For more information on the SBS and the New York City BID program, click here.


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