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Our Programs And Services

Supplemental Sanitation:   Approximately 35% of our BID budget is dedicated to the supplemental sanitation services provided by our contractor, Block by Block.   Our “Cleaning Ambassadors” can be easily spotted in their bright lime-green uniforms, keeping the Fulton – Nostrand corridor clean.  The Clean Team works Monday – Saturday from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm and on Sunday from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm.  They stay very busy sweeping and picking up debris left by our over 27,000 daily visitors.   You will also see them power-washing the sidewalks on Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue starting this summer.

Cleaning Statistics:




Please help make their jobs a little easier by using our trash receptacles for everything – including gum! The chart below outlines our regular NYC Sanitation pickup for residents and the trash receptacles along the street.  All merchants are required to have commercial carting services, with stickers displayed at the storefront.




Supplemental Security: Our BID Public Safety and Environmental Control team is always out on the street and can be reached in their “command center”,  monitoring the 20 cameras strategically placed throughout the district.  These cameras have proved to be a deterrent and effective apprehension tool.


They also help us to monitor the sanitation conditions along the commercial corridor.  We have used our video surveillance to assist our local precinct with criminal investigations and to address quality of life issues. Public Safety and Environmental Controls can be reached at  718-636-6910.






Marketing:   Our BID team is here to help merchants promote their businesses.  All merchants and businesses along the Fulton-Nostrand commercial corridor are listed on this map, and in our website’s merchant directory here.

Our BID Marketing goals:

1.  Retain, expand, and attract businesses and investments to Bedford Stuyvesant (BID boundaries).

2.  Draw prospective customers to the district by improving the attractiveness of the area and promoting it as a great place to live, shop, visit, and do business.

3.  Establish Fulton Street as a premier commercial destination within central Brooklyn.

4.  Reduce vacancies by marketing to potential tenants.

5.  Increase consumer foot traffic and sales for BID businesses via coordinated advertising campaigns, website, coupon books, newspaper articles and holiday lighting.

6.  Sponsor/co-sponsor street festivals and district specific activities/events that attract potential customers to the district.


Specific offerings to BID Merchants include:



  • Links to merchant websites from our on-line merchant directory
  • Single-page websites for BID merchants without websites
  • Directions to all BID merchants via Google Maps
  • Merchant tips for sales, discounts and promotional activities
  • Articles and advertisements in our Newsletter
  • Annual holiday advertisements in local newspapers


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